Using Ashmira Botanica Wax ... one of the best waxes on the market helping to improve your waxing experience. These waxing products that we use are a real skin care treatment, packed with botanicals they are free from chemicals and vegan friendly.  Each product cares for the skin, helping to prevent and cure Ingrown hairs as well as a calming effect to give you smooth beautiful skin.

We use both strip and non strip wax for those more sensitive areas.

Eyebrow  Shape & Tidy £10Brazillian

Cheeks £10
Lip or Chin £7
Lip & Chin £11
Nostrils £8
Under Arm £10Ashmira Products Powderpuffbeauty
Lower Arm £12
Full Arm £20
Back / Chest £25
Half Leg £18
Back of Thighs £12
Full Leg & Feet £27
Feet £6
Navel Line £5
Regular Bikini Wax £12
(knicker line)
Californian Bikini Wax £20
(pubic line, higher sides and underneath)
Brazilian Bikini Wax £30
(all off leaving just a landing strip)
Hollywood Bikini Wax £30
(all off from back to front)
Butt Crack £12
Buttocks £12
Butt Crack & Buttocks £20

Vajazzles from £10

After your waxing don't forget Ashmira1to ask about the amazing ASHMIRA BOTANICA POST WAX RANGE. These amazing products are a must after any waxing to be used for up to 5 days after waxing to soothe the skin. We now stock a travel sized pack that contains all you need in one little pack.